Calculate your BMI

Body Mass Index Calculator

The best way to determine if you have a healthy weight is to calculate your BMI. This is a simple, reliable and most-used technique to find out about your weight quickly. BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation of your weight in relation to your height, yielding a figure based on which you or your doctor can decide if you have a healthy weight, you are slightly over or under weight or you need a treatment to gain or lose weight.

What your results mean

Your height is feet inches.

Your weight is lbs.

Your BMI is 0

You are underweight.

What does your BMI index score mean?

Find out below what your score means for you:

BMI lower than 18.5 = Underweight
Scores between 18.6 and 24.99 = Normal/healthy weight
Scores between 25 and 29.9 = Overweight
BMI over 30 = Obese
Over 40 = Morbidly obese

Remember, your BMI is not the exact depiction of your health. If you are tall, athletic and muscular, your BMI may be wrongly interpreted as being obese. That’s why it’s important to speak to a doctor personally.

Why is Calculating BMI Important?

BMI index is the most preferred and recommended measure of determining if a person is fit, over, or under weight.

It portrays a reliable picture for most people and is very convenient and quick, making it easy to use and popular.

Some doctors argue that this method doesn’t consider factors such as body size, bone size or muscular build, which is why it is often not reliable. However, a good doctor should not have any problem in diagnosing a patient’s condition and recommending the right treatment after reading his BMI score.

What should be your next steps?

Even if your BMI is between 18.6 and 24.99 and you have normal or healthy weight, you must take steps to maintain this weight. Exercise regularly, eat fresh fruits and maintain a balanced diet to keep your weight this way.

If your BMI is lower than 18.5, you need to seek a diet and fitness expert. A balanced routine of exercise and diet can help you build mass. Being under weight is as dangerous as being overweight.

If your BMI is above 25, start hitting the gym and have a strictly balanced diet. Consult a doctor to chart out your treatment plan.

If your BMI is above 30, you may get contact us or fix an appointment with us; and chart out your medical treatment plan.