Low Cal Diet & Nutrition

How does it work?

Healthy and balanced diet is crucial for weight loss. If your diet consists of too much sugar or too much fat, you will gain weight. This weight is hard to lose. If you have a diet which contains carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients in proportion, you will not become obese or overweight. Remember, dieting does not mean sacrificing all your favourite foods. You don’t have to give up fat or sugar content foods; you just have to eat them in limit.

Is dieting safe?

Crash dieting that involves long starvation periods, eating raw vegetables and soup or skipping meals are not safe. No diets are safe in the long run. It is important you realise that by healthy diet, experts mean a diet that consists all nutrients. Skipping meals or avoiding certain foods completely will rob your body of essential nutrients. This is why you must not fall for dieting scams. These diets cause a yo-yo effect in your body making you suddenly lose and gain weight. The weight lost is often lesser than the rebound weight that you gain.

What’s the best way to diet?

The best way to diet is to consult a dietician in a reputed hospital or medical centre. Certain nutrition experts recommend unhealthy diets, which can lead to fast weight loss but are unhealthy in the long run. Get your diet plan prepared by a dietician and you will be well on your way to safe weight loss.

Fast facts

  • Always vary of quick weight loss diets
  • A healthy diet comprises of all essential nutrients like carbs, proteins, vitamins as well as fats
  • Never start new fancy diets without consulting a dietician