How do medications help in weight loss?

Most weight loss medications are fat burners and work by burning fat in the body. They are also known as metabolism boosters. They increase body temperature to melt away fat and help you lose weight.

Some medications work by suppressing your appetite while some work by blocking fat absorption in the body. All these medications have side effects and there is no way to find out if these medications are any good because they are not clinically proven.

Are medications safe?

Medications that promise rapid weight loss may contain some dangerous ingredients. These ingredients are often banned by health authorities but due to lack of awareness, most people do not know about them. If some medication looks too good to be true, it often is. So always, make a point to research well and consult a doctor before buying a “new wonder weight loss drug”.

What are some weight loss medications available?

There are many weight loss medications and supplements available in the market. From slimming teas to herbal weight loss supplements, you will come across a weight loss solution in every drug store, herbal supplement outlet, shopping channels on TV and on online portals. All these drugs are not clinically proven or approved by health authorities. It is best to avoid them as a weight loss solution as you cannot be 100% sure that they are safe or effective.

Fast facts

  • Weight loss medications can work in different ways
  • Any weight lost with medications may come back once you stop taking them
  • It is not a highly recommended weight loss method