Obesity Solutions

When should you start looking for obesity solution?

If your BMI is 30 or above or 27 and you have conditions like high cholesterol or diabetes, you must start looking for obesity solutions immediately. Use our BMI calculator to determine your exact BMI.

What are the available obesity solutions?

Obesity can be treated with the help of surgical and non-surgical solutions. Only a doctor can decide the right treatment for you based on your current health condition. Find out the available treatments for obesity but always make a decision after consulting a doctor.

1 Non-surgical methods for obesity treatment

If your BMI is less than 30 and you and your doctor feel you can lose weight without invasive methods, you can try by restricting your diet, hitting the gym regularly and trying methods like medications and intragastric balloon. Let’s study all these solutions in detail.


Low-cal diet and nutrition

No matter what your BMI is, you need to always take care of your diet and take a lot of vegetables and fruits.

If you are overweight or obese, it is advisable you visit a dietician and chart out a diet plan with him or her.

You can lose a lot of weight and avoid many diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol only if you control your diet. The first step towards weight loss is diet and there is no alternative for it.

Physical training and workout

Most overweight people are averse to physical activity or going to the gym. The reasons could be lack of time or lethargy.

However, it must be understood that exercise is not only helpful to lose weight but also to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Go to the nearest gym or fitness centre and learn all the exercises that are suitable for your body type and weight.


Many prescription medications are sold in the UK and US and many non-prescription medications in our country for weight loss.

These medications are not recommended for long-term weight loss as they have side effects and once you stop taking them, all the weight lost is bound to come back.

The best option is to use medications as a supplement to diet and exercise.

Intragastric balloon

This non-surgical treatment of obesity involves placing a soft balloon in the stomach via mouth. This balloon then expands within the stomach, so that you feel full faster and don’t overeat.

This is an excellent weight loss aid for people who overeat.

This obesity treatment should always be taken with a supervised diet and behaviour modification program.

2 Surgical methods to treat obesity

If your BMI is 40 and you are suffering from morbid obesity, you need to lose weight fast. Under these circumstances, the doctor will recommend one of the following surgeries:


Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this surgery, almost two thirds of your stomach is stapled off. After the surgery, your stomach looks roughly like a sleeve, so this surgery is known as sleeve Gastrectomy.

After this surgery, you will feel less hungry as the part that produces hunger hormones is removed.

Laparoscopic Gastric By-Pass

This is one of the most successful and highly recommended weight loss options. It involves creating a small stomach pouch, so that you feel satisfied easily and in less food.

It is also helpful in diabetes and other weight-related health problems.

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding

Of all the surgeries, this is the least invasive surgery.

In this surgery, a small silicon band is placed around the patient’s stomach so that he or she feels less hungry and gets satisfied easily with less quantity of food.