Salaam, I am Ibrahim. I was 172 when operated in January 2012 and was living a sedentary life with such weight with diabetes, breathlessness, joint pain and high blood pressure. I was advised Gastric Bypass to reduce weight and control my other health related problems. Now after 1year and 7 month I m weighing 105 kg and without any problems like diabetes, joint pain, breathlessness, or blood pressure, on the top of it, I can walk 3 to 4 KM in a day very easily. It’s a miracle for me to get a new life with such improvements in health. I wish all the best to Dr.Apurva Vyas and his team to help people like me and lots of blessings to them.


Hi, I am Kruti, a student who was always feeling bad when I was compared with others in college in terms of weight and sometimes was ignored as well. I was 118 before operation and already started developing joint pain at the age of 18 only. With many survey and inquiry I went to Dr. Apurva Vyas at Rajkot – Sterling Hospital. He advised to undergo Bariatric surgery named Gastric Sleeve. Me and my father had decided immediately for this surgery and now with the result of this surgery I m maintaining 70 kg without any disturbances in my day to day life and college life as well. It is great feeling when one reduce almost 50 kg of weight !!! I am very much thankful to this surgery and Dr. Apurva Vyas who advised me at right time.


I am Ankit Agaraval, staying at Surat and having my own business. I was 156 when operated and now enjoying my life with 80 kg weight after operation. I was operated on 19th November 2011 and after one year I reached at 80 kg and now maintaining my life style very well. Thanks to Dr. Apurva Vyas and team for giving me a wonderful life which I had never thought of.

Ankit Agaraval

Jay jinendra, I am Asmita , I was operated in Dec. 2010, before this surgery I was suffering sever sleep apnoea in which my CO2 level was getting increased in the night and suppose to be on a machine which controls that. When I have decided for this surgery ,3 centers had refused my surgery because of my multiple problems like , diabetes, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure and breathlessness. Finally Dr.Apurva Vyas has accepted this challenge and operated on me , surprisingly no ICU or ventilator was needed and I was discharged very next day of surgery with great relief. I believe that when will power is there and such Dr. who has great skill with their subject, nothing is impossible. It’s a mater of taking right decision with right person.


Hello, I am Ayyaswami from Surat; I was suffering from Obesity with 125 Kg of weight and with lot of other problems like Diabetes, High blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea , Joint pain, high cholesterol and already have a history of 2 Angioplasties. When I met Dr.Vyas for first time at Surat I decided immediately to get operated with Gastric Bypass Surgery as I was suffering with severe diabetes (90 iu of insulin 2 time I suppose to take in a day still sugar level was 300 with medicine) and finally I went to Rajkot for surgery at Sterling Hospital, after one and half year of surgery I am 75 kg and surprisingly I don’t have diabetes now!!. Even immediately after 3rd day of surgery my sugar level was very well controlled without insulin. For few days I have to take tablets to control diabetes instead of insulin and now without medicine I m managing sugar level very well. Now I am not suffering with High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol as well as no joint pain too.

One message to all those who are suffering from obesity with such problems like me or only obesity must go for surgery and with this unit of obesity surgery where a real human touch can be felt.

Ayyaswami Balasubramaniyam

Being a woman, I always wanted to be in the best of my shape; but I suffered from obesity and joint pain. I weighed 122 kgs and this started frustrating me. Obesity had taken over me; it had not only started harassing me mentally, but also my family members; because my behaviour towards them was also frustrating. My self-confidence had vanished and wanted to get rid of this weight at any cost. I had tried everything possible to lose weight, but nothing seemed to have worked. I then consulted Dr. Apurva Vyas and underwent Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery. The team was very supporting before and after the surgery. I weigh 85 kilos now after 10 months of surgery. This surgery has helped me bring my confidence back. My joint pain is completely gone as if I never had anything in the past. I feel good with life; I don’t get annoyed at home and with friends. I feel great. Thank you Dr. Vyas for helping me with my obesity.

Sadhna Doshi

Hi I am Anchal Tailor; a 28 year old girl from Surat. I had been suffering from obesity for the past 15 years and had tried every possible method – diet, physical exercises, yoga, aerobics, VLCC, all kinds of weight loss supplements and medicines; but nothing seemed to work for me as a permanent solution. If at all I lost weight; I tend to gain it back in due course of time. I weighed 112 kgs when I decided to get operated and now after almost a year after surgery, I have lost around 46 kgs and weigh 65 kgs. I haven’t tended to gain this weight back again and feel really happy about this. The surgery has come to me with extreme satisfaction; and of course the major role played by Dr. Vyas and his team for their excellent guidance and continued follow-ups has made it all the more a smooth process for me.

If you are suffering from Morbid Obesity; have tried all non-surgical treatments of weight loss; have problems in your day-to-day activities; have problems with your physical obese appearance; this is the solution – Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy also called Stapling. I have no hesitations in recommending this procedure to people who accept that they are obese and wish to live a better and healthier life.

Anchal Tailor

My father Mr. Ayyaswami went through Gastric Sleeve Surgery and had amazing results. After seeing my dad has such good results and was inspired to take a step further. I also weighed 129 kilos at that time and wanted to look as healthy and as good as my father. I had already done most researches about this surgery when my father had decided; so I decided to immediately go for the surgery without wasting any more time. I am 85 kilos now; look as good and fit as my father. I have grown on to my self confidence and would recommend this surgery to all those obese patients who have tried low-cal diet, rigorous work-outs, weight loss medications, but did not get any result. This is the best and optimum option. The team again should be mentioned, they are great people to be taken care under. They give excellent post-operative care and regular follow-ups for years to go. Thank you Dr. Vyas for acknowledging this surgery in Gujarat and India and so that we could take advantage of it.

Bala Ayyaswami

My name is Meeta and I weighed 124 kgs; once I got Diabetes; I assumed I would have to take medications all lifelong. I even started taking insulin 20 IU twice daily; I also started suffering from hypertension and breathlessness. When I meet Dr. Apurva he suggested me of Gastric By-pass; I opted to it and with complete trust on him went ahead with the surgery. It is a year now and I have lost almost 45 kilos. I am 80 kgs now. Thanks to the by-pass, the doctor and his complete team for such an enhancing support and follow-ups. My diabetes is in control without any medication; it means that I am free from diabetes now. I don’t suffer from hypertension or breathlessness as I can now walk and workout freely. I have an easy going life now and yes, my food intake is also completely in control.

Meetaben Ganatra

I was under a lot of mental pressure being obese and diabetic together. I weighed 132 kilos and looked very unfit. I suffered for suffocation and did not like doing my day-to-day activities at all – not that I did not like it, but it was more like I could not do it. I consulted many doctors who further prescribed me Insulin injections to control my diabetes, but these injections started giving me all the more mental depression. When I was acknowledged about a cure of diabetes; I went to Dr. Apurva Vyas for consultation and he suggested me for Gastric By-pass surgery. I went through it and I have successful and permanently cured my diabetes. I don’t take any medicines now; nor do I take injections. I feel so good. I lost weight also; around 42 kilos. I weigh 90 kilos now; I feel light and fit in body, figure, and life style and also in my daily routine.

I have been able to get my self confidence back due to this treatment. I would suggest this to everyone who has tried everything possible but without success for diabetes and obesity. During the surgery the team was also very co-operative; this never led me any fear of such a major surgery. Post-operative check-ups and follow-ups are also excellently provided. All thanks for Dr. Vyas and his team.

Asmitaben Doshi

I suffered from obesity; not just obesity but also joint pain and severe acidity. I weighed 125 kgs and it was almost life threatening for me. My confidence level was completely low; I felt embarrassed moving in my group and society; I always felt conscious that people would make fun of my unfit look. Undergoing Gastric Sleeve through Dr. Vyas has helped me bring my confidence back. I feel much lively than before my joints don’t pain anymore and the acidity problem has just disappeared. I weigh 82 kgs now; and feel much lighter and better.

Himanshu Soni

Hi, My name is Nayna Ahir I m 42 yrs old and had my obesity surgery before 2 yrs when I was 88 kg and overweight by 30 kg as per my height. Now after 2 yrs my weight is 55 kg and that is beyond my expectation as I was expecting that I will be 60 kg after surgery but, with guidance and follow up from obesity team of Dr.Apurva Vyas regarding diet, exercise and all my queries related to weight loss after surgery I am now really healthy living as weight loss is good.

Nayna Ahir

I am Ahmed Sha Faquir from Dhoraji- Gujarat, was suffering from High Grade Obesity and severe asthma as well as sleep apnea. My weight was 167 kg at the age of 45 and can’t even walk for 100 meter on my own. I came to know about obesity surgery with which I can reduce my weight and leave easy life in future. I have contacted Dr.Apurva Vyas as he belongs to Dhoraji Basically and he suggested for Gastric Sleeve after few days. I was kept on C –pep for 10 days before surgery as my lungs was pathetic .With the grace of god and a great team work by Dr.Vyas and his team I came out from the operation theatre very successfully. Now after 2 years, I am at 95 kgs and am doing my all physical activities with great pleasure.

Ahmed Sha Faquir